Rise of the Runelords II

The Graul House

Having freed the Black Arrow captives and discovered that Jakardos Sovark is in fact Shalelu’s long lost step-father, the decision was made to put an end to the Graul threat.

Tanrov of the Lyrune-Quah lead a quick charge up the front stairs to the front porch of the Graul homestead, and attempted to open the front door.

Unfortunately… This did not go according to plan.

The house was booby trapped.

A lot.


Lots of injuries were sustained.

The Black Arrow guys stayed far away.

Eventually, however, the party found Mammy Graul, and proceeded to attempt to kill her.

She got away.

In the process, she made Simon insanely ugly, and blinded Tanrov.

However, Tanrov’s quick thinking saved the day, and he was able to lead the party to her in the barn outside. The party quickly immolated her, and she will trouble them no more. Maybe.

Continuing to explore the charnel house otherwise known as the Graul Home, the PCs discovered Muck Graul.

Muck had been cursed by Mammy for being too pretty, and he had been changed. He is now more plant than mammal.

Muck had very little left of his old self, but he did recognize that the PCs did not belong in his cellar.

He made quick work of Silence, swallowing her whole in the first round of combat.

If not for the magical healing of the other PCs, Silence would certainly be dead now.

Beaten, bruised, and bloody… But victorious, the PCs have managed to lay waste to yet another group of bystanders. The Graul Family has been wiped from the face of the Earth.

The PCs stand at a precipice now… What will they do next? Where will they go?


I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: the author is one sick puppy.

The Graul House

Yes… Yes he is…

The Graul House
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