Town of Wartle

NG Small Town

Corruption -4 Crime -4 Economy +1
Law -4 Lore +2 Society +2

Qualities Strategic Location – The crossing of Yondabakari River and Ember Lake, as well as the southern edge of Sanos Forest.

Danger 0

Disadvantages none


Government Mayor

Population 300 (75% Gnome; 10 human; rest mixed)

Notable NPCs

  • Mayor Eldar Daerpest
  • WonderSeeker Foldrick Looprick


Base Value 1,100 gp

Purchase Limit 5,000 gp

Spellcasting 4th

Minor Items 11 random items Medium Items 5 random items Major Items none available


Rise of the Runelords II DmD20 DmD20