House Rules


  • Standard Fantasy Point Buy
  • 9th Level start
  • Max 1st level gold


Source books allowed to players for character creation:

  • All Paizo 1st party Pathfinder Hardback RPG books (i.e. Core, APG, UC, UM, etc.)
  • Bestiary Templates and races on a case-by-case basis
  • Companion and Chronicle supplements on a VERY LIMITED case-by-case basis
  • No WotC Complete books
  • No Tome of Secrets
  • Others on a case-by-case basis



I will allow characters to research new spells. This should allow players to dip into outside sources for new material, at a significant resource cost. The basic cost and time requirements for this are laid out in the Players Handbook. For characters with no spell book (i.e. not wizards): double the cost, but no time requirement. For clerics, this represents a special offering given to your church or God. For sorcerers, this represents a fee paid to someone who taught you to wield the spell. Etc.


Golarian is a magical world with magical items available. However, that does not mean that every street vendor has a +5 vorpal holy sword of orc bane available for the asking. Varisia, in particular, is still a wild, untamed land. Education is limited to the very wealthy, and magical education is further limited to Wizards. They guard their knowledge closely. Magical items may be found, and may be sold. They are not, however, easily purchased.


There will be lots of time in-game for crafting magical items. If players take the time and resources (not to mention the feat-progression) to craft magical items, then I will allow them to do so. The item should be cleared ahead of time to ensure that it is viable in the gaming milieu (and also because it would totally suck to spend 45,000 gp on an item, and find it in the next encounter).


Just because magical items are not EASILY purchased doesn’t mean they CANNOT be purchased. Varisia has a high Gnomish population. Gnomes are forever acquiring things to study, and then, once done studying them, looking to offload the item in exchange for something else. Don’t expect the transaction to be cheap, easy, or even traditional. The gnome may part with a ring of protection only in exchange for the Barbarians Impaler of Thorns (a truly unique piece indeed! Worth many days of study!!!); or he may be willing to part with some much more valuable piece of treasure in exchange for a new story, song, or dance.


Death is –CON hitpoints. This includes NPCs. I will assume that when mooks hit 0, they are coup-de-grace’d as soon as combat is over. HOWEVER, should you so desire, this allows you to keep someone alive for interrogation.

No such assumption is made regarding named NPCs (aka the BBEGs).


If you take a single hit totaling over 50% of your total hit points AND this drops you into negative hit points (AKA unconscious), you may roll a 10% chance to avoid the damage altogether.

I don’t like one-shot kills. This goes for Named NPCs as well, but not mooks.


This is intended to be a heroic campaign. Therefore, the following alignments are permitted:

  • All Good
  • Lawful Neutral
  • True Neutral
  • No Evil
  • No Chaotic Neutral

The Ronnie Rule…
Any character who shifts into the disallowed alignments will become NPCs. Shifting can occur via:

  • Group unanimous vote regarding the character in question (max one shift in one direction)
  • Acquiring and USING items of an evil or corrupt nature (holding on to them doesn’t count)

Additionally, the DM may choose to rule that certain acts are inherently evil. Those acts can result in a temporary (or permanent) alignment shift. If the shift is only temporary, the character is susceptible to “Detect Evil” and other forms of aura detection, and may be attacked by town guards, Paladins, or other adventurers.


Each character is permitted 2 total traits during character creation. One of those traits must give the character a valid background reason for being in the campaign. Suggested traits include the traits from “Shadows Under Sandpoint” in the Advanced Player’s Guide. Also, the traits listed on page four of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition Player’s Guide are worth considering. Also, the Inner Sea Primer has some good ones.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Of course there’s a few random bits, that I can’t think of any better place for…

the Bret Rule…

I don’t care how much Evil a place radiates. A Paladins “Detect Evil” ability will still tell you the number and position of individual Evil Auras within range.

House Rules

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