Tag: dead


  • Nualia

    She was the girl who was becoming a Succubus, and empowered Ripnugget to unite the goblin tribes. She also was encouraging Tsuto to betray the village by leading him on with womanly wiles. She escaped from the party in the final confrontation. Worships …

  • Tsuto

    Another Villain. He’s a whiny emo brat who thinks no one likes him so he has to go get it on with a succubus. He’s better off dead. Opened the city up to the goblins. *DECEASED*

  • Aldern Foxglove

    Foppish dude who seems obsessed with Wharlon. Goes hunting with him. Buys everyone a horse. Later, he tries to frame Wharlon for murder. He turns out to be a seriously creepy undead wraith thing. *DECEASED. AGAIN.*

  • Ripnugget

    The big goblin warchief. You don’t know much about him cuz he pretty much was a stain on the carpet when you finished with him. *DECEASED*

  • Banny Harker

    Harker was engaged in an affair with Katrine Vinder, the eldest daughter of [[:ven-vinder | Ven Vinder]]. He was murdered by [[:aldern-foxglove | Aldern Foxglove]] during the murder spree in [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] leading up to the slaying of [[:aldern …

  • Katrine Vinder

    Katrine was found murdered close to [[:banny-harker | Banny Harker]]. Poor Katrine was killed instantly when Foxglove pushed her into the log splitter. Her mangled, ruined remains were on the mill’s lower floor amid heaps of bloodstained firewood. …