Tag: allies


  • Father Zantus

    Local priest of Desna, but ecumenical in matters of faith and worship. Allows any of the good or neutral deities to be worshipped in his Cathedral. Jovial and good natured. Offers free healing at low levels.

  • Ven Vinder

    General Store owner. Yes, that’s right. The general store owner’s name is Vinder. Whatever. He’s overly protective of his daughters, but when so when he catches Shayliss and Gnag getting it on, Gnag had to give up his adventuring and marry the girl. On …

  • Shalelu Andosana

    Elf Ranger bounty hunter. She brings news about RipNugget and helps get the party started on their search to find him. She has also joined the party as Wharlon's cohort.

  • Orik Vancaskerkin

    Human Fighter you found in Thistletop. He had hired on as a mercenary for Ripnugget, but was bored and agreed to come work for the PCs instead. He was starting to feel like the people he was working for were bad news, and was looking for a way out. …

  • Brodert Quick

    The local sage. Kind of a cross between Yoda and the turtle dude from A.E. Okay… Mostly the turtle dude from A.E. He has spent significant time studying the ancient [[Thassilonian | Thassilonian]] culture and ruins, and is convinced that the [[Old …