Dwarven Paladin of Torag. Defender of free and good communities of Golarion


Male, Dwarf – Paladin-9
HP: 94
S:13 I:10
D:12/14 W:10
C:14/16 Ch:16/18
AC: 22 MW Chain Mail; MW Heavy Steel Shield; Amulet of Natural Armor +2
2H weapon: +1 Earthbreaker
1H weapon: Dwarven waraxe
Ranged wpn: Heavy crossbow
Feats: Bodyguard; Combat Relfexes; Dodge; Leadership; Stand Still; Vital Strike
Traits: Ease of Faith; Student of Faith
Powers: Lay on hands; Channel Energy; Smite Evil; Immunities (Charm, Disease, Fear)
Cohort: Gahariet. Gnome Bard7


Wahrlun began his career as an adventurer late in life. Having already lived 140 years, and earned a successful living in the halls of Janderhoff, Wharlun gave heed to the calling in his heart; to take up the word of Torag, and mete out its justice and protection in generous amounts across the old bones of the land.


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