Combat Maneuver Monk


Level 9
AC: 19 unbuffed
STR: 20
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 8
WIS: 16
CHA: 7

Unarmed has it’s strengths, but I also use a double whopper with ki, a Quarter staff with dual enchantments of Merciful and Ki Strike. One end adds 1d6 but damage is non lethal. The other allows me to use the staff with all my ki abilities and no penalties.

Speed: 60ft
Slowfall: 40ft

“No fly, jump good.” (Points to whoever knows that reference)


Finally got around to adding my Obsidian portal stuff.

I’m a world traveled simple monk devoted to the balance of all. My faith dictates I never take the “final judgement” into my own hands, thus all damage I deal is non-lethal unless I specify (I need to remember to tell the GM). I refrain from combat, but when I do face off on a foe, I move quickly to completely disable them.

I’m still working on my combos, but one of my favorite theory crafts so far is to bull rush, getting an AOO where I plan to overrun. On successful overrun, the target is knocked prone. Regardless I get another AOO, where I can grapple them or Attack with stunning fist.

Neutrality as much as possible, though inherently good. I was an orphan with no name until a monastery took me in to teach me martial arts. I left to experience raw nature and found myself being called to help a group of adventurers (you fine folks). And so, I fight to restore some balance in the world by doing something with the Sihredron…. or runegods…. I dunno, I’m not too bright.

I like mead.


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