Solin Majere

Human Male Wizard


- General
Age: 30
Ht: 6’5
Wt: 200
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Deity: N/A
AL: Neutral

- Traits
Favored Son
Classically Schooled

- Abilities
Str: 8
Dex: 10
Con: 14
Int: 20
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

- Feats:
Human = Fast Learner
Wizard Bonus = Scribe Scroll
Wizard Bonus 2 = Craft Wondrous Item
Level 1 = Toughness
Level 3 = Cosmopolitan
Level 5 = Spell Penetration
Level 7 = Spell Focus (Evocation)
Level 9 = Spell Focus (Enchantment)


Born the only son of two spellcasters, it is not surprising that Solin Majere exhibited a natural talent and charactersitics that would guide him to a life of arcane study and practice. Unfortunately, while still young, his parents departed for mysterious reasons to the ruins of Thassilon, and never returned. While they journeyed, Solin was sent to stay with his mother’s father, an old man by the name of Chask Haladan. His grandfather, owner of an old bookstore called The Curious Goblin, called the small coastal town of Sandpoint his home. Worried that he was too old to care for a young boy, Chask was pleasantly surprised to find that Solin was perfectly content with delving into the myriad of books that Chask had spent a lifetime accumulating. In fact, after only a few years, there were many occasions when Solin knew more about a particular subject than his grandfather did, and over time, his reputation as a very intelligent child spread. One day, while reading a tome on Thassilon Language and Grammer, Solin and his grandfather were approached by the Dean of the Twilight Academy; located in Galduria. So impressed was the dean of the knowledge that this boy of ten commanded, that he offered to accept Solin as his personal pupil, while simultaneously waiving the costly tuition that most are forced to pay to attend the academy. Seeing this as an opportunity to appease the innate curiosity that Solin so often displayed, his grandfather accepted the offer. Thus, Solin Majere departed with the man, the very next day, and made his way to the Twilight Academy.

Now, 20 years later, Solin Majere has returned to Sandpoint. Although many years have passed, many in the town still remember Solin and are amazed to see that he has grown into a confident, collected, yet reserved man with eyes that belay a wisdom beyond his years. For Solin, however, the changes he noticed were not all positive, and it seemed much calamity had taken place while he was away at the academy. However, finding that his grandfather was well, as they had written often while he was away, headed for the Rusty Dragon to reunite with his childhood friend, Ameiko Kaijitsu. Only here in town for a short while before making his way to the ruins of Thassilon, Solin is ready for any adventure that may find him, and woe betide those who garner his wrath…

Solin Majere

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