Simon The Monk

A Monk who uses his dragon borne sorcery to enhance his martial arts prowess.


Sorcerer (Gold Dragon Bloodline): 5th Level
Monk: 2nd Level


Simon is perhaps the last person you would expect to be from Cheliax when you first meet him…he’s good natured, friendly, and spends a lot of time in quiet contemplation. In the beginning, Simon was just a simple street urchin, but was taken in by a Sorcerer who sensed something unusual about him (Gold Dragon bloodline). Initially Simon was assigned to the Sorcerer’s guards who both trained and teased him mercilessly. He worked as their servant answering whatever whim they had from fetching food to cleaning their equipment. In exchange, Simon learned how to fight from various members of the guards who had traveled near and far across what was once the Cheliaxian Empire. Eventually, Simon was taken into the main keep and taught the ways of magic by the Sorcerer. This Vizier treated him with a greater kindness than Simon had ever known allowing himn to be dressed in the finest clothes and eat the finest meals. However, his master eventually made his true intentions known—he in fact intended to sacrifice Simon to the demons of Cheliax for more power. Simon fled his master and sought a better way by becoming a monk and joining the Kusari-Gama. Now he uses his combined knowledge of the magic and martial arts to further the goals of the Kusari-Gama: to prepare for the Last Battle at the End of Days.

Simon The Monk

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