Rise of the Runelords II

The Story So Far



The PCs arrive in the town of Sandpoint to attend the Swallowtail Festival (a local ritual to consecrate the town’s new cathedral), and end up defending the town from a goblin raid. During the cleanup, the PCs notice that the goblins involved were from multiple clans, not just one, and that it was a well-planned assault, not a hasty job.

In the days to come, the PCs come to terms with their new-found fame by making friends, taking jobs, and helping to train a small militia within the town’s citizens. As rumors of massing goblin armies build, the disappearance of a local tavern owner leads the PCs to uncover treachery within the Sandpoint Glassworks, and the existence of an ancient catacomb below the town.

Investigating these discoveries reveals two important details: monsters dwell below the city, and the goblin raid was only the first of many.

In order to save the town of Sandpoint, the PCs decide to travel to Thistletop and confront the most powerful of the Goblin chiefs, Ripnugget.


Nualia: Primary Villian of Burnt Offerings. She was the girl who was becoming a Succubus, and empowered Ripnugget to unite the goblin tribes. She also was encouraging Tsuto to betray the village by leading him on with womanly wiles. She escaped from the party in the final confrontation. Worships Lanashtu (“The Mother”)

Fr Zantus: Local priest of Desna, but ecumenical in matters of faith and worship. Allows any of the good or neutral deities to be worshipped in his Cathedral. Jovial and good natured. Offers free healing at low levels.

Tsuto: Another Villain. He’s a whiny emo brat who thinks no one likes him so he has to go get it on with a succubus. He’s better off dead. Opened the city up to the goblins.

Sherrif Hemlock: Town Sheriff. Dour and cynical. Capable of running the town, but not of running a militia.

Ven Vinder: General Store owner. Yes, that’s right. The general store owner’s name is Vinder. Whatever. He’s overly protective of his daughters, but when so when he catches Shayliss and Gnag getting it on, Gnag had to give up his adventuring and marry the girl. On the up side, the rest of the PCs get a 25% discount on general goods at the shop.

Aldern Foxglove: Foppish dude who seems obsessed with Wharlon. Goes hunting with him. Buys everyone a horse.

Shalelu Andosana: Elf Ranger bounty hunter. She brings news about RipNugget and helps get the party started on their search to find him.

Ripnugget: The big goblin warchief. You don’t know much about him cuz he pretty much was a stain on the carpet when you finished with him.

Orik Vancaskerkin: Human Fighter you found in Thistletop. He had hired on as a mercenary for Ripnugget, but was bored and agreed to come work for the PCs instead. He was starting to feel like the people he was working for were bad news, and was looking for a way out. Surprise! You provided one.

Brodert Quick: The local sage. Kind of a cross between Yoda and the turtle dude from A.E. Okay… Mostly the turtle dude from A.E.


Sandpoint: Your new home. Learn it. Love it. You’ll be spending lots of time here. Catacombs of Wrath: This is the area under Sandpoint. Of particular interest here is the pool towards the end where you fought the quasit Eryilium. As you walked into the room, she was creating Aberrations by cutting her wrists and allowing blood to fall into the pool.

Thistletop: This is where Ripnugget was plotting the takeover of Sandpoint. It is a big pile of crap. You can attempt to salvage it if you want to, but it sucks.

The Old Light: According to Brodert Quick, the Light is a Weapon. Yeah, Right.


Star-Shaped Rune: You’ve seen a 7 pointed star in several places, rather like the one on the front of this document. As yet, you don’t know what it represents, or what it can do. You frankly don’t even know what it is called. Nualia had one, as did Tsuko. They did not wear them openly. In at least one place, it has served as a key to open a door.  



The PCs are asked to investigate murders in and around Sandpoint. They are especially interested when notes addressed to Wharlon were found on the scenes of some of the crimes.

The trail of the murders lead to Foxglove manor. Aldern Foxglove had recently been through town on his way to the manor with the intention of renovating the place. Upon arrival, the PCs found it on the verge of collapse, seemingly held together by sheer willpower. The manor was, in fact, haunted by the ghosts of Foxglove’s ancestors. Aldern himself had become a particularly insane ghast, and was feeding on local townspeople. As it turns out, many of his targets were at the behest of a larger conspiracy based out of the city of Magnimar.

Continuing to follow the trail, the PCs uncovered the cult of the Skinsaw Men. Striking against the cult, the PCs uncover one of the city’s chief justices, Justice Ironbriar. Yet even here, there is another pulling the strings. He confessed to working for a criminal mastermind headquartered in Magnimar’s “Shadow Clock” (a crumbling tower in the most dangerous part of the city).

Once more following the trail to it’s natural destination, the PCs face yet another villain. This time, it is a Lamia Matriarch named Xaneshia. However, they also find Nualia there as well! The fight was long and hard, but the PCs manage to put an end to Nualia, as well as Xaneshia, bringing an end to the Skinsaw Murders.

Upon searching the Shadow Clock, the PCs find a list titled “Sihedron Sacrifices”, with the 7-pointed rune at the top. The list has an extensive list of names, cities, and professions, many of which are crossed out. Some of the names are residents of Sandpoint, but the majority are local to Magnimar. Many are merchants, moneylenders, gamblers, and thieves – greedy souls all. The most prominent name by far is Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras, of Magnimar.

The Lord Mayor, upon hearing that the PCs have saved his life, proclaim the heroes and give them the keys to the city in a rich and lavish feast. As a reward for defeating a cult of murderers, he grants each PC 6,000 gold pieces.


Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras: You saved his life. He owes you. He’s a greedy SOB though, so be careful.

Xaneshia: The main villain of AP2. She was a lamia matriarch (weird snaky woman) who was organizing all the murders. You aren’t sure yet why. Though you might be venturing some guesses.

Justice Ironbriar: I frankly don’t recall if you left him alive. We can deal with that at our first session. He was under a mind control spell, so if he is still alive, he is a jerk, but a normal jerk, not a psychotic jerk.


Sihedron Rune: You should now be able to figure out what the 7-pointed star is called. It is the Sihedron Rune. Good luck figuring out what to do with that information


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