Rise of the Runelords II

The Morning After

Meeting the Mayor

The morning after the big feast, Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras sends a messenger to the PCs to request their assistance with a minor issue of property rights. It seems that there is a Foxglove relative living somewhere in central Varisia. He would like to send the PCs to visit this relative to deliver the deed to the Foxglove manor and townhome.

He explains that finding the records for the new Foxglove will take some time, but he will contact them when he has found the appropriate records.

Spending Time in Magnimar

Before returning to Sandpoint, Silence decided to spend some time investigating the Sihedron Rune in Magnimar.

She was able to track down a thieves guild lieutenant by the moniker of Bayard. When presented with the Sihedron Medallion, Bayard explained that he had lost several thieves during the Skinsaw murder spree. He is glad the cult is disbanded, but recommends that the PCs not go around flashing the medallion around at random strangers.

Bayard agreed to try to scrounge up information about the Skinsaw Men, but was doubtful that it would come to anything. He will pass information along to “common friends”.

Returning to Sandpoint

The PCs arrived safely back in Sandpoint without further incident. They spent about 8-10 days renewing old acquaintances, cleaning out Thistletop, and crafting items for future travels. Mostly, they waited on Grobaras to send Launce with information about the next leg of the “Big Adventure”.

Ancient Thassilonian Runes

Brodert Quick provided some interesting information regarding the Sihedron Medallion. After studying the rune, he is much more subdued than normal, and won’t even discuss the light. Rather, he explains that, in the past, the Sihedron Rune has been used in conjunction with Human Sacrifice to power Runlord magic. Runelords haven’t walked the earth in over 1000 years.

When asked how the Runelords died, he responded, “Who said ‘Died’?”

Apparently, the Runelords disappeared, but scholars don’t agree on where they went.

It seems to terrify Brodert Quick to think that the Sihedron Rune may be in play again.

On the move

Finally, Launce arrived to let the PCs know where to go. Apparently, Aldern Foxglove had a sister, with whom he never got along (ya know, cuz he was a total jerk), and she now lives in Turtleback Ferry. This is convenient, because The Order of the Black Arrow have missed their second check in. The Black Arrow is a military order stationed close to Turtleback Ferry, charged with keeping the Giants, Ogres, and other undesirables at bay. They are funded by Magnimar, and are expected to send regular updates. They were due to send a status report this month, and Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras would like the PCs to see why they have missed their second update.

Launce is authorized to pay 300 gp per person for the mission.

The PCs chose to travel by Horseback along the Yondabakari River to Whistledown, and from there up the Shimmerglen River to Turtleback Ferry.

Travel – Day One

The day was uneventful, but in the evening, the campsite was attacked by a swarm of Stirges. Tanrov took the brunt of the attack, as Wharlon allowed Silence to petrify him, trapping 5 of the Stirges in his petrified form. Tanrov allowed the Stirges to attach themselves to him, and dived into the campfire, essentially killing them.

Travel – Day Two

The PCs encountered a group of Goblins on their way home from a raid. The PCs dispatched the goblins quickly, with Simon jumping right into the middle of the group. Because the Goblins were coming home from a raid, they had a pouch of gems worth 500 gp.

Arrival in Wartle

Arriving in Wartle, the PCs noticed that the town seems comprised primarily of Gnomes. They looked around in amazement as Gnomes of every hue and color walk around, doing their daily business. The only thing more colorful than the gnomes themselves is their clothes. No two sets of clothing are the same.

As they were getting their bearings and making their way into the settlement, they heard an explosion and mad laughter in the distance.


  • There is someone in the southern parts of Sanos Forest who has been waylaying travelors and demanding a toll for passage. There hasn’t been a sighting. The voice comes out of thin air, and the travelors are overcome with a fear that makes them drop their treasure and run.
  • Someone in town is looking for a new topic of study.

Folrick and Gahariet

The PCs are approached by Folrick Looprick. Folrick is a member of The Wonderseekers. He has a problem. A gnome in Wartle has begun the initial stages of Bleaching. Folrick would like to know if the PCs would allow the gnome to travel with them until he has found a new thing to study. When the PCs agreed to allow a fellow traveler, Folrick introduced Gahariet.

Gahariet is a little more subdued than the typical Gnome, but has not lost much of his color. Apparently he is still early on in his Bleaching cycle. The PCs agree that Gahariet can stick with them (Gear to the Rear) until he finds something new to study or do. He has some skill as an armorer and a scholar.


Myrta is a Green dragon who has been terrorizing a stretch of Sanos Forest from Wartle to Whistledown. Lately he has been around 4 hours out of Wartle. The PCs decided to eliminate the threat.

After Silence’s initial attempt to trick Myrta out of the trees, Myrta noticed that there were other travelers hiding in the trees as well, and attacked.

The PCs made quick work of Myrta, especially with a well-placed critical strike by Shalelu Andosana.

Unfortunately, as the dragon is now dead, the Adventurers cannot follow her back to her lair.

Enemies fought

  • 11 Stirges
  • 8 Goblins
  • 1 Goblin Dog
  • Myrta – a young Green Dragon

Treasure Gained

  • 500 gp
  • 300 gp / person


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