Rise of the Runelords II

The Frontal Assault

After the events in the Graul homestead, the adventurers decided to rest and recover for a day or two in the town of Turtleback Ferry. Ragnar, in particular, stocked up on scrolls for party health – feeling that his channels may not be enough to combat the injuries in the days ahead.

The party also began discussing tactics with Jakardos and his men:
“I’ve got a plan! FRONTAL ASSAULT… Bad idea.”

Jakardos recommended a stealth approach, utilizing a hidden cave behind a waterfall.

While Bastion created a minor disturbance at the east gate, the rest of the party gained the cave without discovery.

Once inside the hidden cave, the party discovered Shocker Lizards. However, Wharlon’s faithful bard companion was able to convince the lizards that there would be food outside the caves.

Finally, the party was in position next to a secret door just outside the barracks. Kaven offered to do some scouting around of the area, as he knows the fortress, and is comfortable with stealthy maneuvers.

However, he tripped and fell coming out of the cave, and caught the attention of the gaurds on duty.

About this time, the east gate portcullis began opening.

The party was split up, and fighting on two fronts.

A dozen raging ogres charged Bastion and Lord Garet.

Lord Garet attempted to run one of them down with his mighty lance, but was blocked.

Fortunately, with a few well-placed fireballs, Bastion was able to decimate the oncoming storm.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the rest of the party had their hands full with 3 ogres – plus their captain, Karly-Lop Kreeg.

Kaven and Vale were knocked unconscious, but saved by the power of the mighty Ragnar.

Wharlon, Tanrov, and Ragnar successfully killed the ogres, but at significant cost to their own health.

Bruised and limping, the party met up with Bastion and Lord Garet… Only to find 5 more Ogres charging down out of a guard tower!

Mintuck Kreeg had heard the comotion and was not to be out-done. Vale once again was knocked unconscious, and the party members took many significant injuries… But the ogre guards were killed.

Lord Garet dealt the final blow to Mintuck, when he rammed him from behind with his Mighty Lance.

After spending a few minutes healing, Lord Garet began searching the out-buildings.

He was not prepared to find Jolly Kreeg fixing a cooking up a Gutworm pie out of dead Black Arrow Rangers.

Lord Garet charged at Jolly, possibly attempting to ram yet another Ogre, but only dealt a small amount of damage before being knocked out cold.

The rest of the party charged in to help.

Tanrov and Vale (you’d think Vale would learn by now, but noooo) were both knocked out quickly. The rest of the party was able to stay in the fight a little longer, and they managed to kill Jolly, thanks in part to the crippling damage dealt by Tanrov in the moments before his near-death experience.

There has been some talk of returning to Turtleback Ferry and leaving Fort Rannick to the rest of the Ogres, but the prevailing sentiment is that if the party can find a place to hide for a few hours, they can heal up and continue the fight later.


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