Rise of the Runelords II

Party On

After several more days of travel, and a couple of roadside bandit attacks, the party arrived in Turtleback Ferry.

Fionna Foxglove was pointed out as the remaining Foxglove relative by Mayor Maelin Shreed, who is both the Mayor of Turtleback Ferry and the local Cleric of Erastil.

The locals seem anxious about the weather. It is storming early this year, and there is some concern that the harvest won’t go well. The whole thing has gotten them anxious to the point where they go indoors by early evening and resent intrusions by strangers.

There is also some concern due to the fact that the Order of the Black Arrow, which is usually responsible for safety in and around the thorp, has been strangely absent. This seems to be taking a backseat to concerns about harvest and weather, however.

In other news, a floating casino, the Paradise Barge, recently sunk near town.

Fionna Foxglove

The PCs met up with Fionna Foxglove and turned over the deed to the Foxglove Manor. She had nothing good to say about her brother, Aldern. She had gotten into a family altercation with him several years ago and struck out on her own. She felt it impolite of the PCs to pry in to the specifics of the affair, and asked them to leave once they finished their tea.


Tanrov announced to the village that he was throwing a party. Throughout the party, due to lowered inhibitions, the PCs were able to observe tattoos of … gasp… the Sihedron Rune.

When asked about the Rune, villagers were jumpy, and most refused to discuss it. One finally admitted that it was a pass to the V.I.P. section of the Paradise Barge… And asked that you not tell his wife. Apparently Lady Lucrecia marks all of her… favorite… customers with the Sihedron Rune. Fortunately, she went down with the boat.

It’s a Bear!

Moving on to find out what is happening in Fort Rannick, the PCs go to cross a bridge a few miles outside of town. They hear a low whine, which Shalelu Andosana identifies as a bear. Possibly one caught in a trap. Investigating further, they find that it is a Ranger’s familiar, and it is indeed caught. The PCs free the bear, and it communicates that they need to follow it to rescue its master.

Graul Farm

The Bear leads the PCs to a worn down farmhouse. The PCs are greeted by a massive half-ogre\half-human cross-breed. It is big, ugly, and tries to kill them. Tanrov lead the charge (surprise!), and together the PCs quickly put down Crowfoot.

Rukus and his hounds weren’t far behind, but a fireball from Bastion made short work of the hounds, and Rukus didn’t last much longer.

The Barn

The PCs wrapped up the evening by cleaning out the Kennel. Joppo, Hograth, and Sugar weren’t paying attention to the fight outside and were taken by surprise when Tanrov came barging throught the barn door.

Biggin’ almost did better, but there were just too many PCs and too few Spider Arms. He was put to death and won’t be bothering anyone for a long time.


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