Rise of the Runelords II

Finding a Nymph

Having returned from the Skulls Crossing dam, the adventuring party were approached – nay, pounced upon – by a pitiful, grieving pixie named Yap. Yap explained – at great length, and with deep emotion – that his lady, the great nymph Myriana was in Mourning over the loss of her lover, and that something grievous had happened to her to cause the “twisting” of the forest. He didn’t fully understand, but repeated (many, many, many times) that his lady was upset, and surely such great heroes could save her.

Yap’s plea:
“My mistress, she is… ill. Very ill. Death would have been a kindness. The land sickens with her heart, and it cannot be cleansed until her misery is purged. I cannot do this myself. Please, you must help her! You are friends with her human lover, yes? He wouldn’t want her left like this! I can take you to her—maybe you can do something. I have tried everything to cure her forlorn heart, but to no avail. She wails and moans in Whitewillow, and the trees and plants and nixies and frogs and everything are dying or worse! I can take you there! Please!”

Of course, being such great heroes, they agreed!

Off to the Shimmerglens they went.

The first part of the trip was relatively uneventful. However, upon crossing the border into Whitewillow, things began changing. The first suggestion that things may be seriously wrong came when Tanrov mistook the trees for fiendish Wraiths, and began an all-out attack. With every hit, the tree poured forth dark, viscous blood… But only Tanrov could see it. Everyone else saw Tanrov attacking what appeared to be glorified firewood.

Wharlon successfully dragged Tanrov away, and the “spell” was broken.

However, Tanrov remains uneasy about trees in the Whitewillow area, and who knows what he may do in the future?

A few minutes later, the group discovered a pool of water… It appeared relatively safe. Until <someone> looked into the pool and saw a ghoulish reflection… It appeared that his party members were on the verge of stabbing him in the back and throwing him in the cook pot. Those jerks! He’ll have to be extra careful for the next few nights during the night watch. Maybe take an extra shift or two…

At Yap’s urging, the party continued onwards. Straight into another clearing… This clearing seemed to be the site of a great party in a time gone by. In fact, as the group looked around briefly, ghostly images danced around and through the adventurers. No one was injured, but everyone was chilled to the marrow.

Yap couldn’t abide standing still and wouldn’t allow the group to admire the ghostly dancers. He pulled the group on through to the next clearing… In which there stood a large, derelict ship!

There was a brief discussion of exploring the ship, but Yap stomped his foot and insisted on continuing to find “My Lady”!

Myriana and her glade were once beautiful, but no longer. She is now a fey ghost, and is haunting the WhiteWillow, twisting all that she once protected in her agony over her lovers absence.

As soon as the group approached the glade, Myrianna appeared in the center, and demanded to know why strangers dared disturb her glade.

Then commenced lots of dialogue in which the valiant heroes very nearly provoked the nymph into a rage by suggesting that her lover may still live… At one point, Tanrov held up an item that once belonged to Lamatar, as confirmation that he was, in fact, the lover she sought.

Unfortunately for Tanrov, she flew close to investigate, blinding him and those close to him with her aura of beauty.

With nearly a third of the party blind, an agreement was made to search for Lamatar’s remains and bring them to Myriana if possible, and she allowed them to leave, without further harm.

The group repaired to the town of Turtleback Ferry to rest and restore their sight.

Approaching Hook Stronghold\

Working on some evidence that the Kreeg Ogres of Hook Mountain were behind the attack on Fort Rannick, the adventurers decided to move on up to Hook Mountain. Due to the snow and ice on the paths, this is not an easy task, and they are surprised along the way by a small raiding party. Fortunately, Solin Majere quickly casts “Charm” on the leader of the party, a Stone Giant named ‘Thunk’ and the trolls and quickly overwhelmed.

Thunk, the group’s new best buddy, agreed to lead them past any further raiding parties, and when we left the party, they were standing at the front door of the Hook Mountain Clanhold.


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