Rise of the Runelords II

Catching Up

After a little rest, the party gathered around to discuss the next phase of the attack on Fort Rannick. To everyone’s surprise, Torag chose to grant a one-time blessing on the entire party in deference to their assistance to his chosen Paladin on his recent giant-slaying ventures. Everyone was restored to full health, and all spells were restored – even though it was still the middle of the day!

Taking this as a sign that they should move forward, the party began a frontal assault on the fortress.

Long story short… They were able to clear Fort Rannick of any remaining ogres, and discovered a Lamia Matriarch who seems to have been the mastermind behind the fall of the Black Arrows. She delighted in letting the party know that Kaven (whom they had recently rescued) had been the traitor she used to betray the group… Unfortunately, Lucrecia – for this was her name – was able to cast foul sorcery and escape the party. Perhaps they will see her again?

The party is granted stewardship of the fortress, by the townspeople of Turtleback Ferry… In exchange, they agree to be the protectors of the region. Winter is rising, and bringing storms that make returning to Sandpoint at this point difficult in any case. Within days, the banks of the Skull River begin to flood… Only this time, it’s worse than normal! The party reaches the town in time to save many people from danger, but that’s only the beginning.

The Black Magga has risen… A powerful sea monster, an ancient beast of legend that lies within the lakes outside Turtleback Ferry, has broken the dam – and she is angry. The flooding river sweeps her in to the town, and the party finds themselves fighting a tentacular water creature. With a little teamwork, they prevail… Black Magga flees back into the lake. But now they must check out the Dam.

As it turned out, the Black Magga was doing them a favor. She has heard what they have not. Ogres have been trying to break down the dam, and she has killed the majority of them. While investigating the scene, the party discovered a strange scene… A pair of circles, one of which contained a nearly dead pit-fiend. The pit-fiend, who introduced himself as Avaxiel, was out of his mind with pain, and could remember nothing from the past 10,000 years – except for the name of his captor… Karzoug.

He was able to tell the party members how the gates worked, and while he tried to convince them to free him… He seemed grateful when one of them stepped in to the other circle, accepting a negative energy level, and burning Avaxiel to ash. As the magic circles activated, the floodgates of the dam opened, releasing the pressure of the water, and reducing the flooding of Turtleback Ferry.

The party returned to the town to be hailed, once again, as heroes.


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