Rise of the Runelords II

Attack on Hook Mountain Clanhold

Harrowing the Hook

At last, the adventurers were brought to the mouth of the Hook Clanhold. A network of caves hallowed out of the Hook Mountain by giants, over the course of millenia – and now occupied by Ogres, this area is littered with bones of dragons, giants, and giant-kin.

The mouth of the clanhold was well-gaurded. Between the ice, the snow, and the steep climb, it took a significant amount of work on the part of our noble heroes to advance into the entrance. Not to mention the Kreeg Ogre gaurds!

Just inside the entrance to the clanhold, the party found a hallway, constructed out of a massive dragons body! There was also a “statue” of a large giant, with a giant amulet, with the Sihedron Medallion. When the medallion was removed from the Giant’s body, the statue proved to be an actual preserved body, and it crumbled to dust.

After fighting through several waves of Kreeg Ogres, and finding and putting to rest Lamatar Bayden, the adventuring party decided discovered the “throne room” of Barl Breakbones, a stone giant who has dominated the Kreeg Family for the recent months.

The scout for the party was able to quickly backpedal, and the group is in the process of determining what to do next.

Nick has chosen to play a “Twist of Fate” card, and so the character of Lucrecia is no longer in the throne room… I wonder why???

Equipment Gained

Item Quantity Value Per Item Total Value Sell Value
+1 Ogre Hook 20 2348 46960 23480
+1 Hide Armor 20 1180 23600 11800
+1 Chain Shirt 1 1250 1250 625
+1 Icy Burst Composite Longbow (Str +4) 1 18800 18800 9400

Total Sellback Value: 45,305
Keep in mind that Solan gets a bonus to selling items back, that is not figured in to this calculation.


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